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Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand/Carry Bag Review

2019 Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand/Carry Bag

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Setting Things Straight

Sun Mountain has optimized the level of features and technology that they can offer at a given weight.  Now, when buying a bag, a golfer knows the weight of the bag by its name.  And, they know that as they look at the 2.5 vs 3.5 vs 4.5 vs 5.5 the extent of features increases as the numbers go up.  Congrats to Sun Mountain for clarifying their product line.

While we prefer the 4.5 LS (reviewed  here) the Sun Mountain 3.5 LS has a ton of features at its weight.


The weight of the Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag is 3.5 pounds including straps.

This weight is one of the lightest high-quality bags that we review.  As mentioned in our Buyer’s Guide there is a trade off between weight and features.  Generally, within a product line, the lower the weight the fewer the options. Continue reading Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand/Carry Bag Review

What Makes a Women’s Golf Stand Bag Different?

Post has been updated for 2019 with our preferred models from Sassy Caddy and Sun Mountain. 

When we recently attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, we asked a few of the leading vendors of women’s golf bags to explain what differentiates a women’s golf carry bag from a men’s bag. We received our best answer from Emily the designer and creator of Sassy Caddy. As she walked us through the features of her highly fashionable women’s stand bags she said the difference comes down to three key things :

  • The bags are more stylish and have greater personality
  • The pockets of the bags are tailored to more specialized uses
  • The Sassy Caddy bags are two inches shorter then men’s golf carry bags to provide a better fit for the shorter length of women’s clubs

Continue reading What Makes a Women’s Golf Stand Bag Different?