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Ping Carry Bags: Which One is Right for You?

Ping has earned itself an army of followers that is vocal, loyal and large. If you spend any time reading reviews in the golf forums or listening to customers, it is easy to find stories of “serial” Ping owners and individuals who have owned their Ping carry bags for 8 – 10 years. Given this following of Ping admirers we thought it would be useful to provide a side by side comparison of Ping’s three full featured stand bags to give newbies and veterans alike a clear picture of their similarities and differences. Continue reading Ping Carry Bags: Which One is Right for You?

The Benefits of Using a Golf Carry Bag

We at Best Golf Carry Bags believe that there is only one true way to play and enjoy golf. You have to walk the course. We know we can be a little overly zealous about this but, there are real benefits to walking the course and carrying your stand bag.

Walking a golf course is great exercise

Benefits of using a golf carry bagSome people question whether golf takes any real exertion. Studies have proven that playing a full round of golf in a mortorized cart will burn over 900 calories! Not bad. And, according to Neil Wolkodoff, a director of the Center for Health and Sport Science at the Rose Medical Center in Denver, walking a course will burn over 1400 calories for 18 holes of play. So if you want to burn some calories and get some great exercise, pick up the bag and hit the links. Continue reading The Benefits of Using a Golf Carry Bag

JCR DL550 Stand Bag Review

JCR DL550 Stand Bag

JCR DL550 Stand Bag
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When we attended the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in January we were able to meet with Dan Langner the chief designer and owner of JCR Inc. Dan walked us through their new line of golf bags. Of course we were primarily interested in their JCR DL550 Stand Bag. The DL550s were introduced in November 2015 and we believe they will become highly popular as they become better known. Continue reading JCR DL550 Stand Bag Review