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Our reviews of the best women’s golf carry and stand bags

OGIO Women’s XIX Stand Bag 5 Review


XIX Stand Bag 5
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When OGIO announced the 2020 Women’s XIX Stand Bag 5, they declared that the bag was designed by women and tailored to a woman’s needs. As often repeated in descriptions of the bag, OGIO “didn’t just shrink it and pink it.” 

As folks obsessed with golf, we love this concept of truly tailoring a golf product to its users. We believe that the women’s golf bag market has not been taken seriously by many of the leading manufacturers.

So, how did OGIO do?

Well, to start off …OGIO absolutely does not offer the XIX Stand Bag 5 in pink! Nor do they offer the bag in floral patterns or with a crazy amount of bedazzling.

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What Makes a Women’s Golf Stand Bag Different?

This post has been updated for 2020 with our preferred women’s golf stand bag models from Sassy Caddy and Sun Mountain. 

Sassy Caddy Women's Golf Stand BagWhen we recently attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, we asked a few of the leading vendors of women’s golf bags to explain what differentiates a women’s golf stand bag from a men’s bag. We received our best answer from Emily, the designer, and the creator of Sassy Caddy. As she walked us through the features of her highly fashionable women’s golf stand bags, she said the difference comes down to three key things:
  • The bags are more stylish and have greater personality
  • The pockets of the bags are tailored to more specialized uses
  • Women’s golf stand bags are shorter than men’s golf carry bags to provide a better fit for the shorter length of women’s clubs

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