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Our reviews of the best golf push carts and accessories

Best Clicgear Accessories

Best Clicgear Accessories for 3-Wheeled Push Carts

If you own or are considering buying a new Clicgear 3-wheeled pushcart, such as the 3.5+, 4.0 (reviewed here), or an older model, we have identified a few “add ons” that we consider the best Clicgear accessories. 

Clicgear 3.5+Clicgear 4.0

Over the years, Clicgear has developed a wide range of accessories for its 3- and 4-wheeled pushcarts.  Just as we favor 3-wheeled pushcarts over 4-wheeled models, we have some favorites among Clicgear’s accessories.  There are four accessories that we recommend for Clicgear’s 3-wheeled pushcarts.

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Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart Review

Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear 4.0
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The Best Golf Carry Bag (BGCB) website has always exclusively reviewed carry bags with the point of view that golf courses should be walked.

Given the current pandemic, we thought we needed to expand our focus to encourage folks to go out and safely golf.  (The benefits of walking a golf course are described in this earlier post.)  Although we are “purists,” we understand that using a pushcart might make golf a more comfortable walk for some.

After looking at pushcart manufacturers online and at multiple PGA Merchandise Shows in Orlando, we believe that Clicgear stands out for having the best pushcarts in terms of features, quality, and price.  And, we also believe that Clicgear’s latest 3-wheeled pushcart, the Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart, is a major upgrade over its prior models. 

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