Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand/Carry Bag Review

Sun Mountain 2021 3.5LS Golf Stand Bag
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Setting Things Straight

  • Sun Mountain likes to update their products every year. 2021 is no different. The 2021 Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag has been updated with minor modifications to its top, body styling, and colors. And, an additional pouch has been added. 
  • One last thing, while we love the 3.5 LS for its lighter weight, our favorite Sun Mountain stand bag is the 4.5 LS (reviewed here).


The weight of the Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag is 3.8 pounds, including straps.  The extra pound compared with the Sun Mountain 2.5+ allows thicker straps, a more cushioned hip pad, and several additional pockets.

This weight is one of the lightest high-quality bags that we review.  As mentioned in our Buyer’s Guide, there is a tradeoff between weight and features.  Generally, within a product line, the lower the weight, the fewer the features and options.    

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag Sun Muntain 3.5LS Top

The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Bag has a nine inch, four-way top with full-length dividers. 

The opening of the bag is appropriate for the weight and size of this bag. The hidden benefit of having fewer dividers is that the dividers themselves take up a lot of space and can interfere with getting clubs in and out of the bag. The top design easily accommodates putters with over-sized grips.

Ease of Carrying the Bag

The bag has the X Strap System with high-density foam designed to be wider at the shoulder for greater comfort.  The Strap System also features a strap guide to enable the two straps to interact with each other easily.  

The 3.5 LS also has an “Air-Flow” cushioned hip pad. The bag has an integrated top handle, spine handle, and bottom loop for easy lifting options.

Given the padding and the bag’s light weight, this bag is easy to carry for 18 holes.


The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Bag has nine total exterior and interior pockets, including:

  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • A velour-lined and water-resistant valuables pocket
  • Beverage pouch positioned for easy access
  • Multiple accessory pockets

In terms of other attachment points, the bag has an umbrella holder, pen holder, and towel ring.

The bag has our preferred number of pockets with ample storage and specialization.

Stability of the Bag

The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS features a top-mounted, patented bottom release mechanism with high-strength carbon fiber legs.

The bag offers the leg mechanism features of a high-quality, stable stand bag.


The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Bag has:

  • A matching rain hood
  • Nine color options in 2021
  • The 2021 model year does offer a left-handed configuration in black.  This option is very rare!
  • A comparatively compact profile


Sun Mountain’s suggested retail price for the 2021 model is $239.99.

You will get a high-quality stand bag with a great array of features at a low weight for the money.  

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4 Replies to “Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand/Carry Bag Review”

  1. I am looking to join a league this year and I am looking to buy a new bag. Based on your review on the Sun Mountain Three 5 it looks like this bag holds up to the other big name companies products. I had previously not heard of this brand but I am now looking to give it a shot! Thanks!

    1. John, thanks for your comment. I can understand why you might not have heard of Sun Mountain. But, they are actually one of the big names in bags. The are just not quite as visible because they don’t make clubs or balls.

      In terms of the bag you are looking at, you can’t go wrong with the Sun Mountain Three 5. It’s light and easy to carry. And it comes in 12 colors so its super easy to find a look that fits your style.

    1. The difference between the 3.5 LS and the 3.5 LS ZG is that the ZG or Zero-Gravity has an additional hip belt that is designed to transfer the majority of a bag’s weight from a golfer’s shoulders to the hips. While I applaud the innovation, I personally like to keep things simple. Strapping an additional belt on to walk between shots is not something that I would do very often. Maybe if I really bombed a drive I would bother with the strap but other than that, I wouldn’t take the time to use the belt. One last thought, if I had a history of shoulder or back issues (but still wanted to walk) I might try it out.

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