Ping Hoofer Stand Bag Review

2023 Ping Hoofer
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Since our last full review of the Ping Hoofer in 2000, Ping has significantly upgraded its flagship stand bag. For many golfers, this bag is the gold standard against which all other stand bags are measured.  Although slightly heavier than many bags, we have always loved the Hoofer.

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2023 Ping Hoofer Specifications and Features


The weight of the 2023 Ping Hoofer has remained constant over the years at 5.5 pounds.

As mentioned, the Ping Hoofer’s weight is at the upper end of our preferred range.

Weight can be an indicator of quality. Some companies that have aggressively tried to trim weight have paid the price in the quality of the bag’s material or the stand system’s sturdiness. Ping does not cut corners with weight and has always used premium materials for quality and durability.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag

2023 Ping Hoofer top

The Ping Hoofer has a redesigned oval, five-way opening with five full-length dividers and a 9″ x 8.5″ top diameter.

Ping states that the top has been “re-engineered to make it more ergonomic for improved comfort and ease of handling.”  This change primarily focuses on the handle, which is slightly larger than prior models and less curved.

Ping Hoofer internal separatorsFor 2023, Ping added an innovation to decrease the tangling of clubs at the bottom of the bag. Essentially they added internal separators below the dividers to guide the clubs into appropriate positions. As far as we know, this is the only manufacturer that has done this.

The opening of the bag is slightly smaller than we would prefer. While sacrificing some separation, the limited number of dividers gives the advantage of a less cluttered top opening. Padded dividers can take up a lot of space. The top design easily accommodates putters and clubs with oversized grips.

We appreciate Ping’s continued innovation within its line of bags. The internal, bottom separators are a great idea.

Ease of Carrying the Bag

The 2023 Hoofer has two ergonomic, padded straps that attach at a central puck which alllows for easy adjustment and conversion to a single strap array.

The bag also has a cushioned hip pad,

The bag has a top rim, spine, and bottom handles for easy lifting options.

The strap system and padded shoulder straps enable comfortable carrying when walking 18.  The more cushioned hip pad is also a plus.


The Ping Hoofer has 16 pockets with a total volume of 22 liters.  Eight of the pockets are zippered, while 8 are slips. Some of the pockets are located within the more oversized pockets. The assortment of pockets includes:

  • Full-length apparel pocket with a full-length zipper
  • Extra storage areas inside the apparel pocket
  • Two valuables pockets, one velour lined
  • Magnetic, quick access, range-finder pocket
  • An enlarged ball pocket
  • Water-bottle pocket positioned near the bottom of the bag for easy access while walking

Regarding other attachment points, the bag has an umbrella holder, pen holder, and towel loop.

The bag has an excessive number and specialization of pockets at sixteen pockets. Our preference would be for fewer pockets.

As mentioned, some pockets are within larger storage areas allowing for some separation of items and less visual confusion looking at the outside of the bag.

Stability of the Bag

Hoofer Bottom

The Ping Hoofer has a 24″ leg stand spread, sturdy bracket, and leg configuration. The bottom of the bag is designed to allow full contact of its bottom as it leans forward on its outstretched legs.

The stability features and performance of the bag are at the top end of our recommended bags. The bag’s bottom and leg release mechanisms set the industry standard.  One negative about the legs is that the leg ends are pegs instead of enlarged feet, so the bag can more easily sink into sand or moist ground.


The Ping Hoofer has the following:

  • A cart strap channel that enables you to keep the bag secured to a cart with a strap without blocking access to the pockets
  • Nine color combinations which have significant eye appeal
  • Ping’s longstanding reputation for high quality


Ping’s suggested retail price is $275.

The $275 is the highest MSRP price for our recommended full-featured carry bags. We appreciate Ping’s continual innovation and reputation as a high-quality maker. 

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10 Replies to “Ping Hoofer Stand Bag Review”

  1. Great looking bag. I use a trolley, any idea how well it would sit on one? My current bag keep sliding off around the 8th hole which is such a pain!

    1. Dave,
      The Ping Hoofer should do the trick on a trolley. As opposed to some of the other bags, the Hoofer comes with a cart strap channel which has two advantages. First, It allows you to securely lock the bag onto the push cart. And second, the channel is placed so that the cart strap does not block access to the bag’s pockets! Good luck with the new bag!

  2. I am trying to decide on the 5 way or the 14 dividers, I have an oversized putter grip will this work with the Hoofer 14?

      1. Interesting. The 2020 Ping Hoofer has a 9″ by 8″ opening with a 5 top. That should fit any sized grip. What year was your Hoofer model?

  3. In your review you mentioned the bag had a ‘towel loop’. Can you please tell me where it is located?

    1. It is not particularly obvious. As you are looking directly at the handle on the spine of the bag there is a diagonal strip of fabric (loop) located slightly above and to the right. The loop sits just above the cart-strap pass through channel. You can clip a towel onto this loop (once you find it).

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