TaylorMade 2022 FlexTech Carry Stand Bag Review

TaylorMde FlexTech Stand Bag
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A Little History: In 2017, the company introduced the TaylorMade FlexTech line of carry/stand bags. These bags replaced the PureLite series and came with:

  • An upgraded base and leg system for greater stability, as well as
  • A more adjustable, better-padded shoulder strap system 

The upgrades in 2017 over the prior model line were significant improvements on top of an already solid lineup of bags.  All changes since 2017 have been more gradual upgrades, primarily around color combinations.

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TaylorMade FlexTech 2022 Stand Bag Specifications and Features


The weight of the TaylorMade FlexTech 2022 Stand Bag is 4.5 pounds. 

This weight sits in the sweet spot of our preferred range of weights.   At 4 – 4.5 pounds, manufacturers can offer many features while still offering a relatively light bag.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag

TaylorMde FlexTech Stand Bag TopThe TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag has a slightly elongated, five-way opening with full-length dividers and a top diameter of 10″.

The opening of the bag is within our preferred size range. We like five tops in that they offer club separation while not occupying too much space with padded dividers.  The top design easily accommodates putters and clubs with oversized grips.

Ease of Carrying the Bag

The bag has a self-adjusting, four attachment points, and a dual strap system. The straps can be individually adjusted in length. The straps come together at a center “slider,” which allows the straps to move in relation to each other to dynamically adjust the bag’s balance across a golfer’s back and shoulders.

The bag has a top rim, spine, and bottom handles for easy lifting options.

The shoulder strap system is self-adjusting, comfortable, and easy to use. The three handles are what we expect with a high-quality carry bag.

Amazon Reviews and Specs


TaylorMade adjusted its pocket configuration in 2022 and currently has nine pockets, including:

  • Full-length side apparel pocket
  • Water-resistant, stretch pocket for valuables
  • Over-sized water bottle sleeve
  • Other accessory pockets

Regarding other attachment points, the bag has an umbrella holder, Velcro glove patch, pen sleeve, and towel ring.

The bag is within our preferred number and specialization of pockets at nine exterior pockets. 

Stability of the Bag

TaylorMade 2020 FlexTech BottomAs a manufacturer, TaylorMade excels at its base and leg configurations in design and quality.

The TaylorMade FlexTech Carry Stand Bag has a patented, hinged, flex-base replacing their prior kickstand models.  Also, the bag’s legs are slightly bent and hinge wider than others.  This base/leg combination is sturdy and sleek and is an improvement when using a cart.

When we inspected the bag, we found the stability features to be excellent.  The flex bottom and leg release were solid.  In general, we are big fans of the flex bottom in terms of its sleekness, making it easier to position the bag on a cart. The stance of the legs is wide, and this increases stability.


The TaylorMade 2022 FlexTech Carry Stand Bag has:

  •  Four color combinations
  • A matching rain hood
  • A cart strap pass-through channel for use when a golfer takes a golf cart. By using the channel, the cart strap does not block any of the bag’s pockets


TaylorMade’s suggested retail price is $259.99.

The $259.99 MSRP is in the high range of our recommended full-featured carry bags. It is often discounted on Amazon and can often be found at around $200. 

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4 Replies to “TaylorMade 2022 FlexTech Carry Stand Bag Review”

  1. By saying that the base in “an improvement when you choose to use a cart”, is it still as competitive as the Sun Mountain range in that regard, or just as best to stick to the original PureLite range?
    I’m looking for a stand/carry bag that’s lightweight and cart compatible… I’m a relative newbie to golf trying to cover all bases at least expense without too much compromise – a challenge!!


    1. Definite improvement over the PureLite. Comparable to Ping (designed to be very similar). Can’t go wrong with the FlexTech, Ping or SunMountain.

      1. The 2019 and 2020 FlexTech models both have a cart strap channel with the opening near the top of the bag and to the left of the full length clothing pocket.

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