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The 5 Best of the Lightest Golf Carry Bags

The 5 Best of the Lightest Golf Carry Bags for 2020

5 best of the lightest golf carry bags: aylorMade 2019 LiteTech 3.0 Stand Golf Bag Every year golf stand bags seem to get lighter and lighter. A bag weighing four pounds used to be considered very light.  Today, the most lightweight golf carry bags with stands weigh three pounds or less.  This desire for lighter and lighter bags makes sense.

When you are walking a long, hilly golf course at noon on a hot and humid day in August, an ultralight bag can be a blessing.  But to be a great bag, an ultralight needs to offer more than just light weight.

The key to finding the best ultralight is to find the perfect combination of weight, features, and price.  We have identified the best five of the lightest golf carry bags that balance pounds, pockets, and pennies. 

To determine which ultralight carry/stand bags made the cut in 2020, we looked at three factors:

  • Did the stand bag weigh 3 pounds or less?
  • Was the stand bag a full-service bag that could hold 14 clubs, full gear, and a beverage?
  • How did it stack up against our 2020 Buyer’s Guide performance specs?

The five bags featured in this post excel at all three factors, and would be great to take for a walk on the links.

The bags are listed alphabetically by vendor.  At the end of the post, we will unveil our top choice from these five ultralights.

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