Which 14-Way Golf Stand Bag Will You Absolutely Love?

14-way golf stand bag topWe love walking the course carrying our clubs because of the freedom to pick up and go. But some aspects of carrying can sometimes be a hassle.

For instance, there is nothing more annoying than when your clubs get disorganized or completely tangled within the bag.

You can’t quickly get the clubs in or out when the grips are intertwined. Not fun!  A 14-way golf stand bag is the answer to stop the tangled mess.

We have updated this post for 2023 and identified our top recommendation for a 14-way golf stand bag.  Anyone who purchases it will love it.

In doing this review, we researched over a dozen 14-way carry bags before narrowing it down to our top two models:

Sun Mountain 2023 4.5 LS
14-Way Stand Bag
Callaway 2022 Fairway
14 Stand Bag
2023 Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14 Way Stand BagCallaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag Red

Both models are great 14-way golf stand bags, but based on features, weight, and value, our favorite is the 2023 Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag.

This carry bag review follows our standard pattern, evaluating critical features compared to our Buyer’s Guide. We have modified some of our preferences based on the focus on 14-way stand bags.

2023 Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-Way Golf Stand Bag Specification and Review


2023 Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14 Way Stand Bag
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The 14.5LS 14-Way Stand bag’s weight is 5.2 lbs, which is on the light side for 14-way carry bags. Some top 14-way carry bags weigh over 7 lbs, which we believe needs to be lighter for an 18-hole carry.

This weight is close to our preferred range of 3 – 5 lbs. for a carry bag and is light compared with many 14-way bags.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag

As expected, the bag has 14 openings for your clubs. Unlike some 14-way tops, the 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag offers full-length dividers separating each club. The top is 10.5 inches.

The 10.5-inch top meets our expectations for a 14-way stand bag.  The holes are smaller than you would find on a full-sized cart bag, but they do the job within a stand bag.  We could not find a better option for a premium quality 14-way stand bag.  

The full-length dividers are a big plus, keeping the club grips separated. 

2023 Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14 Way Stand Bag StrapsEase of Carrying the Bag

The 2023 4.5LS 14-Way Golf Stand Bag has been upgraded and now features Sun Mountain’s adjustable E-Z Lite Dual Strap System with padded straps. The E-Z Lite System offers a greater degree of dynamic adjustment in that one strap can slide automatically, adjusting to a golfer’s movements

The bag also comes with a lumbar support Air Flow hip pad.

The shoulder straps, hip pad, and overall weight meet our expectations in terms of comfort.  


The 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag has nine pockets.  These include:

  • Full-length clothing pocket
  • Hydration pouch
  • A water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets

In terms of other attachment points, the bag has an umbrella holder, towel ring, and pen holder.

The pockets take specialization to its highest level.  The level of specialization seems highly appropriate for the golfer who wants a bag with 14 fully divided club openings.

2023 Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14 Way Stand Bag Black Nickel RedStability of the Bag

The stand mechanism and bottom are well-constructed and offer reliable stability.  A plus is that the feet are enlarged for less penetration into the ground.

The stability features of the bag meet our expectations. 


The Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-Way Golf Stand Bag has:

  • Nine color combinations
  • A cart strap pass-through runs behind the clothing pocket.  We really like this feature for days when we drive a cart.  Also, the bag has been designed with a cart-friendly bottom
  • Matching rain hood


Sun Mountain has increased its suggested retail price to $269.99.

The Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag is our favorite based on its comparatively low weight, the full-length dividers, and the appropriately sized top.

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While the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way Golf Stand Bag is our favorite bag, having 14 top openings, our favorite Sun Mountain Bag is its brother: The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS.  Check out our review of this 4-way top, stand bag.  Click here. 

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4 Replies to “Which 14-Way Golf Stand Bag Will You Absolutely Love?”

  1. I respectfully disagree.
    I have the 2018 Callaway Fusion, and agree that it’s a great hybrid bag. I love the full-length dividers. But the single annoyance I have is the small openings to the dividers that make access for my SuperStroke putter difficult.

    This is where I prefer Sun Mountain’s 4.5 14-way. Larger divider slots…w/o compromising the full-length dividers. My putter doesn’t catch as I retrieve and replace it.

    The hoofer doesn’t have full length dividers, so I’ve never considered it in the same comparison.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The Callaway openings are a compromise. The compromise comes down to: How do you create a 14 opening carry bag with the right profile and the right weight. Size and diameter mattee. The Callaway openings are tighter than the Sun Mountain, which we also recommend. But, I have tested the Callaway with oversized grips and did not have a big problem. I suppose it comes down to how over-sized your grip is. Again, thanks for your thoughts. Appreciate it.

  2. I have found the old SM bag I had was more comfortable and had a pocket within the large pocket. I find my new 2020 is uncomfortable as they have reinforced the top ring for the expanded handle and that reinforcement digs into my back. I should have tried it on first. I also hope that these new materials are as durable as the old bag. Io have found the 14 way tubes are better than the old bag. Love the looks too. Maybe my back will toughen up.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience with the top reinforcement. I have not heard of that issue before. Glad you are finding some positives in your new bag compared with the older models!

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