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OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag Review

OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag

2018 OGGIO Cirrus Stand Bag
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Product Update

OGIO has discontinued the Cirrus Stand Bag.  

In the last few years, as OGIO has merged with Callaway, they have re-imagined their entire golf bag product line.  Unfortunately, this fantastic, near five-star bag is no longer available.

Our favorite OGIO Bag is currently the OGIO Fuse 4 Stand Bag.  Click here for our full review of the Fuse 4 Stand Bag.

Original 2018 Review

The OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag is our favorite OGIO carry bag.  Over the last two years, the OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag has become OGIO’s front running lightweight, full feature carry bag.  The bag keeps OGIO’s high standards of quality while asserting a more athletic and modern look and features.


The weight of the OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag is 5 pounds, including the strap system.

In 2018, this weight placed the Cirrus Bag in the lighter end of our preferred range. (In 2020, this weight would now be in the high end.) Continue reading OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag Review