Best Clicgear Accessories

If you own or are considering buying a new Clicgear 3-wheeled pushcart, such as the 3.5+, 4.0 (reviewed here), or an older model, we have identified a few “add-ons” that we consider the best Clicgear accessories. 

Over the years, Clicgear has developed a wide range of accessories for its 3- and 4-wheeled pushcarts.  Just as we favor 3-wheeled pushcarts over 4-wheeled models, we have some favorites among Clicgear’s accessories.  There are four accessories that we recommend for Clicgear’s 3-wheeled pushcarts.


The Clicgear Golf Push Cart Seat

Best Clicgear Accessories -- Clicgear seat
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The first of our “Best Clicgear Accessories” is the Clicgear Push Cart Seat.   As many of our followers can attest, we love to walk the course here at the Best Golf Carry Bag website.  But, at times, even we want to sit down.  For example, I will be out playing alone and come across a foursome that is not showing me any love and won’t let me play through.  Having the ability to sit down is a huge advantage.

The Clicgear Golf Push Cart Seat allows users to sit on the back end of their pushcart.  The seat:

  • Fits all Clicgear 3-wheeled models.  It cannot be used with the Clicgear 4-wheeled models or those of other manufacturers
  • Mounts into a bracket that is attached to the rear frame of the 3-wheeled Clicgear pushcart
  • Is spring-loaded so, once seated, the ground supports the weight of the golfer and not the pushcart
  • The seat easily slides into the attachment bracket when the cart is set up

A couple of caveats about the Clicgear pushcart seat:

  • The seat has a 220-pound weight limit
  • The seat must be removed from the bracket to close the pushcart.  In other words, the bracket stays on the cart, but the seat does not compress into the collapsed pushcart
  • Some have found the written instructions for installation are not as helpful as they could be

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The Clicgear Cigar Holder

Best Clicgear Accessories -- Clicgear cigar holder
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I will admit that I do not smoke cigars.  But I appreciate that many folks love smoking them and that many golfers “light up” on the course.  

The biggest hassle for golfers who smoke cigars is figuring out where to put the cigar.  Do you put it on the ground and forget it?  Do you try to balance it on your pushcart? …and forget it?

Clicgear solves this problem with an easy attachment, which:

  • Holds cigar, cigarette, pen, pencil, or marker
  • Includes large, medium, and small holders
  • Fits any golf push cart with 1-inch handle tubing, including all Clicgear and Rovic cart models
  • Is made of durable flame-retardant silicone that won’t damage your cigar
  • Includes Clicgear accessory tab mount for easy installation

I like this accessory because it is inexpensive, easy to install and use, and solves a problem.

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The Clicgear XL Drink Holder

Best Clicgear Accessories -- Clicgear XL drink holder
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I tend to bring a large sports drink or 20-ounce insulated cup onto the golf course.  I want the drink to always be within easy reach and not buried in some compartment or pocket. 

Clicgear has developed an easy attachment for their pushcarts to keep large drinks highly accessible near the top of the pushcart.  The accessory is easy to install and fits any pushcart with 1-inch handle tubing.  

I particularly like that this attachment hangs on the side of the cart handle and doesn’t interfere with walking/pushing the cart.

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The Clicgear Push Cart Storage Bag

Best Clicgear Accessories -- Clicgear storage bag
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The last of our “Best Clicgear Accessories” is the Clicgear Push Cart Storage Bag. Let’s face it: the Clicgear push carts are a slick piece of technology.  They collapse to a pretty small size and are highly functional.  But they get dirty, and they look kind of clunky when collapsed. 

The Clicgear Push Cart Storage Bag neatly contains the pushcart in a rugged, easily liftable storage bag.  No muss. No fuss.  The Storage Bag:  

  • Stores and protects your Clicgear 3-wheeled push cart 
  • Is made of rugged, padded, waterproof nylon construction
  • Is great for travel 
  • Fits all 3-wheeled Clicgear models
  • Is big enough to hold a pair of shoes or additional small items and accessories 

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We hope you have gotten value from our post on the Best Clicgear Accessories.  But, if you haven’t yet bought a Clicgear pushcart, Click Here to check out the Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart at Amazon

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