What Makes a Women’s Golf Stand Bag Different?

This post has been updated for 2021 with our preferred women’s golf stand bag model from Sun Mountain. 

Sun Mountain 2021 Women's 3.5LS Golf Stand Bag
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When we recently attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, we asked a few of the leading vendors of women’s golf bags to explain what differentiates a women’s golf stand bag from a men’s bag.

The primary differences seemed to come down to three key things:

  • The bags are more stylish and have greater personality
  • The pockets of the bags are tailored to more specialized uses
  • Women’s golf stand bags are shorter than men’s golf carry bags to provide a better fit for the shorter length of women’s clubs

Sun Mountain offers a great example of an outstanding women’s golf stand bag.

Sun Mountain 2021 3.5 LS Women’s Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2021 Women's 3.5LS Golf Stand BagThe Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag offers the following features:

  • Low, 3.7-pound weight for a full-featured, mid-size bag
  • A flared 9″ top with four openings that maximize useable club space
  • Sun Mountain’s proprietary X-Strap Dual Strap System with thick high-density foam.  Designed with greater width at the top of the shoulder for greater comfort
  • One inch shorter height than the men’s version
  • Nine pockets including a full-length apparel pocket, a hydration pouch, and a velour-lined valuables pocket

The Sun Mountain Women’s 2021 3.5 LS Bag is available in multiple color combinations through Amazon.

If you are really looking for a light bag, instead of one designated as a “women’s” bag, check out our recent post on the “Five Best of the Lightest Golf Carry Bags.”

8 Replies to “What Makes a Women’s Golf Stand Bag Different?”

  1. Wow, that is fascinating. I have never thought about there being significant differences between men and women’s bags but that was interesting. Shows how much I know about golf. :))

    I guess the women want a color coordinated purse to go with the bag, especially if they are spending a fair bit of time on the course.

    1. In the conversations I have had with women’s golf stand bag designers there is definitely a greater emphasis on fashion for many of them. And, these carry bags tend to have a greater degree of specialization in the various pockets and storage areas.

      In all actuality Sassy Caddy was the only vendor that I have seen that had the matching hand bag. Nice touch that sets them apart.

  2. What an interesting read, I have to confess I don’t play golf but found your post really interesting.

    I see Funkydunc’s point when he mentions that there are so many differences between a ladies golf bag and a man’s.

    I think the designs are really cool. I most certainly would want the handbag and a pair of matching golf shoes wouldn’t go amiss either! X:-).

    My eldest brother lives, sleep’s and breathes golf, I shall forward him your site as he will most certainly find it interesting and informative.


    1. Thanks for the comment. The Sassy Caddy bags are truly original. Unfortunately I don’t think they come with matching shoes, yet.

  3. Fascinating! I must admit I’m not a golf player. However these bags are designed with women and girls in mind. Due to the fact they are shorter and they come with matching accessories! My brother plays a lot. He says you can always make up the lack of skills in golf by being fashionable! And these golf bags certainly are up for the task! What is the warranty on theses golf bags?

    1. For some folks looking good is THE thing! That would already be one strike against me.

      The Sassy Caddy bags offer a 30 day return policy.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. It’s interesting that women’s golf bags have more personality put into them. I think it makes sense for anyone to have that, though! It’s nice that it’s shorter for the shorter length of women’s golf clubs.

    1. The Sassy Caddy bags in particular add a bunch of cool patterns, function and options. Golf should be fun. These bags add a little bit of personality and flair to the game.

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