Ping Hoofer Carry Bag Review

Ping Hoofer Carry Bag

Ping Hoofer Carry Bag
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The weight of the Ping Hoofer is 5 pounds including the attached rainhood.

This weight is within the middle of our preferred range.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag

The Ping Hoofer has an oval five-way opening with two full length dividers and diameters of 9” x 8”.

The opening of the bag is smaller than we would prefer. Ideally there would be one more full length divider. The top design easily accommodates putters with over-sized grips.

Ease of Carrying the Bag

The bag has two shoulder straps that are connected but can slide. Each strap has an adjustable shoulder pad with “Sensor Cool Technology” to promote wicking of sweat. The bag has a cushioned hip pad which also serves to store the attached rainhood. The bag has top rim, spine and bottom handles for easy lifting options.

The sliding strap system and adjustable shoulder pads promote better balancing of the bag. The more cushioned hip pad is also a plus.


The Ping Hoofer has 12 pockets (8 zippered and 4 slip) including:

  • Full length apparel pocket
  • Welded, water-resistant valuables pocket
  • Range-finder pocket
  • water-bottle pocket
  • Folio-style tools pocket

In terms of other attachment points, the bag has an umbrella holder, Velcro glove patch, pen holder and towel loop.

At twelve pockets, the bag would seem to have an excessive number and specialization of pockets. Some of the pockets are within larger storage areas allowing for some separation of items and less visual confusion looking at the outside of the bag.

Stability of the Bag

The Ping Hoofer has 24” legs and a sturdy bracket and leg configuration. The bottom the bag is designed to allow full contact of the bottom of the bag as the bag leans forward on its outstretched legs.

The stability features and performance of the bag are at the top end of our recommended bags. One negative however is that the leg ends are pegs as opposed to enlarged feet so the bag can more easily sink into sand or moist ground.


The Ping Hoofer has:

  • An attached rainhood that ensures you won’t leave it at home
  • A cart strap channel
  • The legs are attached to the shoulder strap mechanism so that when the bag is lifted the legs are retracted to sit snugly against the bag’s body
  • Five color combinations which have significant eye appeal


Ping’s suggested retail price is $215.

The $215 is the highest MSRP price for our recommended full feature carry bags. We appreciate Ping’s continual innovation, but we would look to purchase it at a significant discount.

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2 thoughts on “Ping Hoofer Carry Bag Review

    1. Dave,
      The Ping Hoofer should do the trick on a trolley. As opposed to some of the other bags, the Hoofer comes with a cart strap channel which has two advantages. First, It allows you to securely lock the bag onto the push cart. And second, the channel is placed so that the cart strap does not block access to the bag’s pockets! Good luck with the new bag!

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