The Benefits of Using a Golf Carry Bag

We at Best Golf Carry Bags believe that there is only one true way to play and enjoy golf. You have to walk the course. We know we can be a little overly zealous about this but, there are real benefits to walking the course and carrying your stand bag.

Walking a golf course is great exercise

Benefits of using a golf carry bagSome people question whether golf takes any real exertion. Studies have proven that playing a full round of golf in a mortorized cart will burn over 900 calories! Not bad. And, according to Neil Wolkodoff, a director of the Center for Health and Sport Science at the Rose Medical Center in Denver, walking a course will burn over 1400 calories for 18 holes of play. So if you want to burn some calories and get some great exercise, pick up the bag and hit the links.

Using a golf carry bag saves you money

Face it.  Golf is not the least expensive sport. By using a golf carry or stand bag you can save $20 – $30 every round by not utilizing a golf cart. That savings leaves a little bit of cash in your pocket for the 19th hole or to replace the Pro V1s.

Carrying your golf bag gives you ultimate freedom

There is just something about picking up the bag and moving instantly with ease to anywhere you need to go that adds to the enjoyment of the game. You aren’t tethered to concrete cart paths. You don’t have to worry about 90 degree driving rules or whether you set the brakes. You just pick up the bag and walk. And with today’s lightweight bag technology and ergonomically designed straps the walk couldn’t be more comfortable and easy!

Given the benefits, the question isn’t whether you should use a carry bag. The question is: Which carry bag should you buy?  We are here to help you with that decision.  See our reviews of the 2018 Best Golf Carry Bags!

8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Using a Golf Carry Bag

  1. Hello,

    Reading this article has me thinking about spring and getting on the golf course.I knew walking any course is great exercise but what stood out was how many calories you can burn while playing. Playing golf and losing calories sounds like one great day. Carrying your own golf bag definitely saves money as the money adds up to a lot if you consistently play. I know some courses where the bag-holders make 60 to 70 dollars for 18 holes. 20-30 dollars is cheap compared to where I live. Very good article and best of luck playing this upcoming season.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The way I look at it, the more money I save and the more calories I burn, the more golf I get to play! Have a great season.

  2. I guess carrying the extra weight certainly provides a more strenuous workout.

    I gotta say, when I play golf with my buddies they all want to jump in a cart. I don’t see the point in that?

    You get a much better feel of the golf course if you walk down the fairway instead of riding at the side on the cart path.

    If you are physically up to it – Carry your clubs!

  3. It makes sense that by using a golf bag or golf cart bag you’d be able to save some money by not having the necessity of using a golf cart. While it may not be the cheapest sport to keep up on, there are ways to be able to save money. I think it seems like a great way to relieve stress and things like that, so I’m sure that it’s worth the cost that it has.

    1. Absolutely. Carrying is cheaper, great exercise and gives you more freedom. Just pick up your bag and go. I like your point about decreasing stress. I agree completely.

  4. You’ve made a lot of great points here Brad and its final. If you are serious about golfing, a Golf carry bag may be needed! Walking is great exercise so why not do that while golfing, especially if you can save money while you do it.

    Do you have a golf bag and if so, which one do you own and why?

    1. I have an older Titleist that I just used yesterday.  It is light, 4-top with a fairly limited number of pockets.  I like simplicity.

      Within a month I am replacing it with either a Sun Mountain 3.5 or 4.5, haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet.

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