OGIO Women’s XIX Stand Bag 5 Review

XIX Stand Bag 5
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Editor’s Note: Having checked the OGIO website, the Women’s XIX Stand Bag 5 appears to have been discontinued.  This is a bummer.  The bag is highly rated (Amazon 4.5 stars) and was a sincere attempt to design a price-competitive golf stand bag for women.  It is still available in a couple of colors on Amazon.  Read our original review below.

When OGIO announced the 2020 Women’s XIX Stand Bag 5, they declared that the bag was designed by women and tailored to women’s needs. As often repeated in descriptions of the bag, OGIO “didn’t just shrink it and pink it.” 

As folks obsessed with golf, we love this concept of genuinely tailoring a golf product to its users. Most of the leading manufacturers have not taken the women’s golf bag market seriously.

So, how did OGIO do?

Well, to start…OGIO does not offer the XIX Stand Bag 5 in pink! Nor do they offer the bag in floral patterns or with a crazy amount of bedazzling.

However, for those who care about refined aesthetics, the bags have leather trim and come in four color options ranging from aqua to “smoke nova.” 

XIX STAND BAG 5 colors

Beyond aesthetics, a few key differences exist when comparing the XIX Stand Bag 5 to a standard men’s bag.

  • The hip pad has been specifically designed to fit a woman’s body better
  • The shoulder straps are also better designed for females and are more adjustable vertically and laterally than in any other bag we can recall
  • Customer reviews rave about the number and variety of pockets
  • Lastly, it is shorter than a typical men’s stand bag to accommodate shorter clubs better. The XIX Stand Bag 5 is 34 inches in length, which is 1 to 2 inches shorter than most men’s bags

So, it is clear that OGIO has made a real effort to design a better bag for women golfers. And the features and reviews indicate that they have succeeded!

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Comparison to the BGCB Buyer’s Guide Specifications

As is typical with our stand or carry bag reviews, we compared the XIX Stand Bag 5 to our preferred 2023 Buyer’s Guide features and specifications to see how it would stand up. It met or exceeded all of our preferred specs.


The weight of the OGIO XIX Stand Bag 5 is 4.4 pounds.  

This weight is within our preferred range but is at the higher end.   In comparison, the XIX Stand Bag is lighter than some women’s bags we have seen on the market but heavier than Sun Mountain’s 3.5 LS Women’s Golf Stand Bag.

Some might argue that a women’s bag should be light or even ultralight, especially given the overall stand market’s direction. But weight is not the only factor in whether a bag is easy to carry for 18 holes.

We believe that OGIO has pushed the envelope in their innovative strap system to ensure a highly customized and comfortable carry, even if the XIX Stand bag isn’t among the lightest bags on the market.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag

XIX STAND BAG 5 topThe XIX Stand Bag 5 has a 9-plus inch, elongated, 5 top with full-length dividers.

We really like 5 and 6 tops, especially with full-length dividers. They offer sufficient separation without overly cluttering the top of a bag. The top design easily accommodates putters with oversized grips. 

One additional minor point: we like that the horizontal dividers aren’t straight. The curves tend to separate the clubs further and keep them from sliding around when the golfer walks.

For those who might be curious, the 5-top is why the bag is named the XIX Stand Bag 5.

Ease of Carrying the Bag

The XIX Stand Bag 5 makes a big effort to ensure greater adjustability in its co-axial strap system.

XIX STAND BAG 5 strapsLike many top bags, the XIX has a center hub called its “Fit Disc Technology.” The two straps are channeled through the Fit Disc and can move against each other to dynamically adjust the bag’s balance as one walks.

Its multiple potential attachment points set the XIX’s co-axial strap system apart from other bags. These attachment points allow a golfer to adjust the straps vertically and laterally.

While the adjustments might seem a little complicated at first, once fully adjusted, a golfer has a fully customized shoulder strap system that better fits the golfer’s body and has the desired tilt to the bag when walking.  

In addition to the co-axial strapping system, the XIX Stand Bag features a redesigned, cushioned hip pad better contoured to fit a female golfer.

Lastly, in terms of “ease of carry,” the bag has an integrated top handle, cushioned spine handle, and bottom loop for easy lifting options.

OGIO stands out in terms of the level of innovation it has designed into the XIX Stand Bag 5. The adjustability of the strap system is unique and impressive. In addition, although OGIO doesn’t showcase redesigned padding/straps, customer reviews have applauded the enhancements for the female golfer.


The OGIO XIX Stand Bag 5 has six pockets, including:

  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Zippered pocket, hidden behind the hip pad
  • Water-resistant, fleece-lined valuables pocket with hidden stash pocket for jewelry
  • Quick access magnetic-closure accessories pocket
  • Zippered insulated cooler pocket

In terms of other attachment points, the bag has the following:

  • Marker holder and tee holder
  • Alignment stick loop
  • Velcro glove patch
  • Molded towel ring
  • Umbrella holder

The bag has our preferred number of pockets and attachment points with ample storage and specialization.

XIX STAND BAG 5 red with legs

Stability of the Bag

The OGIO XIX features a top-mounted, bottom-levered leg mechanism, with enlarged feet to prevent the legs from sinking into soft or wet earth.

The bag offers the leg mechanism features of a high-quality, stable stand bag.


The XIX Stand Bag 5 has the following:

  • All of the specialized features described in this post for a female golfer
  • Four color options (pictured above)
  • A matching rain hood


OGIO’s suggested retail price for the 2020 XIX Stand Bag 5 is $249.99. We have seen some discounting in the marketplace.

The XIX price point is one of the highest of our reviewed bags. However, the price aligns with other low-volume, highly specialized bags (such as waterproof bags).  In many ways, the XIX is a standalone within the OGIO product line and the overall market. Serious female golfers should consider buying it.

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