Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag Review

Titleist Ultra Light Stand Bag
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Product Update

Titleist discontinued the “Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag” when it completely updated its line of stand bags with the Players 4 Series. 

We have recently reviewed the full line of Titleist stand bags, and the Player 4 stands out as our top pick, having a great balance between weight, features, and price.  Click here to check out our review of the Player 4 Stand Bag.

Original (lightly edited) Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag Review

If you can find one, the Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is still a solid choice for folks looking for a simple, no-frills bag.


The Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag weight is 4.9 pounds, not including the shoulder straps and rainhood.

This weight, including the shoulder straps, puts the Ultra Lightweight bag as one of the lightest among our recommended models.

Editor’s note: Back in 2017, when this review was written, this bag would have been considered fairly light.  In 2020, we would consider it  in the middle of the pack.  Our current favorite Titleist stand bag, the Player 4, comes in at 3.8 pounds, and they have one other stand bag in their line up that comes in even lighter — the Titleist Player 4 Carbon.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag

Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag TopThe bag has a three-way opening with two full-length dividers.  The top opening measurement is 9” x 8”.

The opening of the bag is smaller than our preferred size range. Ideally, there would be more separation of clubs in the top opening with additional full-length dividers.  We prefer between 4 – 7 openings in the top.

With so few padded dividers taking up space, the top design easily accommodates putters and clubs with over-sized grips.

Ease of Carrying the Bag

When introduced, the bag had a 4-point adjustable backpack style strap system with the padded shoulder straps joining together in a small center back pad.

The bag has a cushioned, generously-sized hip pad. The bag has top rim, spine, and bottom handles for easy lifting options.

The strap system, hip pad, and grasping handles meet our expectations. 


The Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag has 6 pockets (5 zippered), including:

  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Velour lined valuables pocket
  • Insulated beverage pocket
  • Ball and accessory pockets

In terms of other attachment points, the bag has an umbrella sleeve, pen holder, and towel loop.

At six pockets, the bag is slightly below the low end of our preferred number and specialization of pockets. That said, the layout and size of the storage areas are good.

Stability of the Bag

This Titleist model has integrated the stand mechanism into the top cuff to provide a solid connection when the legs are engaged. The bag legs are 24 inches long with a 24-inch spread between the feet.  The bag has slightly enlarged feet to reduce sinking and slippage.

The stability features of the bag meet our expectations.


The Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag has:

  • A rainhood
  • A cart friendly base
  • Ten color combinations were originally available.


Titleist’s suggested retail price is $160 and is at the low end of our recommended bags.  This low price could be attributed to the limited features of the bag.  When available, these bags have recently been significantly discounted to the original MSRP

The MSRP is in the low range of our recommended full feature carry bags. The Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is a minimalist, light, well laid out stand bag carrying the Titleist name.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Titleist discontinued the Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag when it completely updated its line of stand bags with the Players 4 Series.

 Click here to check out our review of the current Player 4 Stand Bag.

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2 Replies to “Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag Review”

  1. Hi there. My stepson and I bought a new golf carry bag as a Christmas present for my husband last year. We bought the Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag. However, after reading the Buyer’s Guide–wish I’d had that last year!!–and your review, I wonder if we should have purchased the Ultra Lightweight instead. Any thoughts?

    1. Buying Titleist is a good choice. In terms of which is the better bag, the Ultra Lightweight is $40 – $50 less and is about a pound lighter. The Lightweight has one more top divider which is nice. At the end of the day it comes down to one thing. Is your husband happy with his bag?

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