Single Strap Golf Stand Bag — Searching for a Blue Unicorn

Single Strap Golf Stand Bag as Rare as a Blue Unicorn.  Image by User:Yamavu, Hashar & Kalki CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons
By User: Yamavu, Hashar & Kalki CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

This post has been fully updated for 2020.

A few years back, we were asked for our recommendation for the best single strap golf stand bag.

The person who asked didn’t like the hassle of the four-point, backpack style strap systems that have become the standard in the industry. He felt that a single strap style was significantly easier to put on and take off.

At the time, we thought that the request would be straightforward, although we couldn’t quickly recall any current high-quality models with the single strap configuration.

To make a short story shorter, back when we first began researching this topic, we failed to come up with a quick recommendation for this person who was eager to purchase. So, in this post, we chronicle our pursuit of a “blue unicorn” – a high quality, single strap golf stand bag.

Single Strap Golf Stand Bag Features

In conducting this search, we have a few constraints or requirements in terms of the features and specifications of the perfect golf stand bag.  Essentially, we are looking for a true carry/stand bag that a recreational golfer would want to use regularly.

There are plenty of staff or caddie bags out there that are single strap models. But staff bags tend to be heavy and are not really made for the recreational golfer.

So, we turned to our Buyer’s Guide to solidify our requirements for this unique single strap bag.  The factors that we care most about in comparing golf carry/stand bags are:

Golf Carry Bag Weight: We look for bags that range between 3 and 5 pounds based on manufacturer weights.  In the case of a single strap golf stand bag, we would look even lighter than our standard recommendation.  With one strap, the bag has less ability to spread weight; thus, lighter is a big bonus.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag: We prefer bags with openings that are between 9 – 10 inches in diameter with 4 – 7 top sections and at least three full-length dividers.  We would not have a different expectation for this feature for a single strap golf stand bag.

Ease of Carrying the Bag: For this recommendation, we are looking for bags that are offered with a single strap configuration and also have opening, spine, and bottom handles.  Although it is a bit of a double count, the weight of the bag has a significant impact on how easy it is to carry.

Storage/Pockets:  We believe that 7 – 9 pockets are “Just Right.” At a minimum, the bag should also have a velour valuables pocket, a full-length apparel pocket, an easy to reach cold drink pocket, and a towel ring.

Stability of the Bag: The bag must have a sturdy, reliable stand mechanism with a bag bottom and leg ends that promote stability.

Extras: We prefer bags that come in multiple color combinations, have a rain hood, are cart friendly, and offer other unique features.

Value: We look for bags that are high quality, easy to carry, feature-rich, durable, and have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) between $150 – $230. When we are shopping for ourselves, we search for bargains on to purchase our preferred bag at 10 – 20% off full retail.

When we first wrote this post, we claimed that high-quality, single strap golf stand bags were as rare as a blue unicorn. We searched extensively throughout the electronic golf marketplace and discovered that although not quite as rare as the mythical beast, there were not many options.

In the few years since then, some manufacturers have increased their single strap offerings.  For the most part, these options are not exclusively single strap bags (except for some full-featured caddie or staff bags). Instead, some manufacturers are offering their dual strap bags in single strap configurations.  To be candid, that means that the bags are not fully optimized for a single strap.

After looking at a bunch of bags, we found one option that stood out.

Our Top Choice Single Strap Golf Stand Bag:

The Callaway 2020 Hyperlite Zero Single Strap Stand Bag

Callaway 2020 Hyperlite Zero Single Strap Stand Bag
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The Callaway 2020 Hyperlite Zero Single Strap Stand Bag is our clear favorite. It matches the closest to our preferred features as described above. The specs on the Hyperlite Zero are as follows:

Golf Carry Bag Weight: The 2020 Hyperlite Zero weighs less than 3 lbs.  Less weight is a much better carry for a one strap bag.

Getting Clubs In and Out of the Bag: The bag has a 4-way opening with full-length dividers, which is within our preferred specs.

Ease of Carrying the Bag: The single-strap system has upgraded strap padding for a comfortable carry.  The bag also comes with a large hip pad for further comfort.  Lastly, the bag has both a spine handle as well as an integrated top handle.

Storage/Pockets:  The Hyperlite Zero comes with seven pockets, including:

  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Water-resistant velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Individual cell phone sleeve
  • Bottom ball pocket
  • Tee pocket
  • Accessory pockets

Also, the bag has a towel loop and umbrella holder.

Stability of the Bag: The bag comes with durable and lightweight carbon fiber legs with enlarged “feet.” 

Extras: At the time of writing, Callaway’s 2020 Hyperlite Zero offers five color combinations.

A small extra (that we like) is that the zippers for the bag are over-sized.

Value: The bag has an MSRP of $249.99. The high price is primarily due to the very low weight of this high-quality bag.

Buy Our Favorite Single Strap Golf Stand Bag, Today!

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