Which Waterproof Golf Stand Bag Should You Buy?

Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Waterproof Stand Bag Moss
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I am a fair-weather golfer. Always have been. Probably always will be.

But many golfers are more obsessed with golf, more adventurous, and more rugged than I am. These folks are willing to play golf in the rain.

There are also golfers who regularly train and play tournaments in the rain.

And finally, some golfers live in rain-soaked areas such as Seattle. All of these folks play in the mist, sprinkle, and downpour.

For all of these rain-soaked golfers, we researched the best waterproof golf stand bag on the market. We had early favorites that fell away because of issues of weight distribution/balance, shoddy materials, overly complicated strap systems, and more.

Ultimately, we found our favorite waterproof golf stand bag. We recommend:

Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Golf Stand Bag 

Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag Specifications and Features:

As with all of our reviews, we like to compare our recommended bags to the specifications and features highlighted in our 2023 Buying Guide.  In all aspects, the H2NO Lite Speed performs well against our preferred specs.

Weight:  Our preferred range for a golf stand bag is between  3 – 5 pounds. The H2NO Light Speed is a mid-sized stand bag weighing 4.2 pounds.

Sun Mountain has long experience in making ultralight bags. For instance, their 2.5+ Stand / Carry Bag comes in at 2 ½ pounds. So, the fact that the H2NO comes in at 4.2 pounds demonstrates the extent that Sun Mountain upgraded the fabric, components, and seams to ensure the bag is fully waterproof.

Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Waterproof Stand Bag TopGetting Clubs In and Out Of The Bag:  The H2NO Lite Speed comes with an 8 inch, 4-way top with full-length fabric dividers. 

As discussed in other reviews, an 8-inch top is on the small size. But because the H2NO only has four dividers, there is sufficient room for a full set of clubs.

It is a bit of a paradox that a greater number of dividers ensure more separation but, at the same time, can create unwanted crowding at the top opening.

Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Waterproof Stand Bag StrapsEase of Carrying the Bag:  Like most modern carry bags, the H2NO Lite Speed comes with a dual strap carrying system — the Sun Mountain’s X-Strap System. The shoulder straps are appropriately padded and can slide against each other in a center cross.   

As a new feature, Sun Mountain has added “carry assist grab loops” to the front of the shoulder straps. Essentially, as a golfer walks, he can hold onto the loops for a convenient grip.

In addition to the X-Strap System and grab loops, the H2NO comes with a top handle, spine handle, and a lower grab strap. These handholds make it easy to move the bag around or lift it in or out of a car.

For further ease of comfort while walking, the H2NO Lite Speed comes with a generous hip pad.

Storage / Pockets:  The bag comes with six pockets, including a large hydration sleeve, full-length apparel pocket, and a two-compartment, velour-lined valuables pocket. The bag also has a Velcro glove patch, tee holders, a pencil holder, a spot for an umbrella, and a towel loop.

The mid-sized bag is designed to carry the essentials on a rainy day. All of the sealed pockets and zippers are fully waterproof.

Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Waterproof Stand Bag Hip Pad view Stability of the Bag:  The stand bag comes with a relatively standard extending leg configuration. The legs extend through an external hinge that is mounted to the bottom of the bag. Lean the bag forward, and the legs extend. The mechanism works well. The ends of the legs have enlarged feet that resist sinking into wet or soft ground.

A unique bonus is that the color of the legs matches the color of the bag. Most bag manufacturers leave the legs black.


  • The H2NO currently comes in 4 color combinations. The color schemes and graphic design are top-notch.
  • The bag is made of high-quality waterproof fabric. Sun Mountain has made a name for itself with its raingear. They brought that knowledge to the H2NO Lite Speed.
  • The vertical zippers have rubber over-hangs at the top of the zipper to prevent leakage.
  • The bag comes with the requisite rainhood.

Value:  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the H2NO Lite Speed was originally $319.99, but has come down to $229.99.  Click here to check the current Amazon price.

With the hefty price tag, the buyer gets the best waterproof bag on the market.

Best Waterproof Golf Stand Bag: Conclusion

Best Waterproof Golf Stand Bag -- Sun Mountain Superlite H2NO Stand Bag 2nd View

The Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed is a mid-sized, fully waterproof golf stand bag for obsessed golfers who golf in the mist and rain. The Lite Speed will keep your gear and clubs dry as a bone, whether you are playing in Scotland, at Bandon Dunes, or your local muni.  The bag weighs 4.2 pounds, has a four-way top and sufficient storage room within its six pockets to hold all of a golfer’s essentials. The pockets include a full-length apparel pocket large enough for rain gear. We highly recommend this bag.

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